The DMM legal department has been working overtime to create this document. 

Apparently in society where everyone feels entitled and too many lawyers are out to make a quick buck, it is necessary to include a statement in which  we take no responsibility for anything. So our lawyers came up with this document.

By using this site you agree to the following:

The goal of this website is to provide information around and relevant to Dr. Magic the Funny Magician, and magic in general, including material useful to those interest in the Magic arts.

DMM does not imply any fitness of purpose or will be held responsible for loss of time or material when using this site, or any content on the site, or linked to from the site.

All users should be aware that Magic is addictive and we cannot be held responsible for results arising from such usage or effect thereof.

All content on this site is to be considered editorial content, and is provided solely for the edification, education and entertainment of our users.

We do not accept responsibility for any inadvertent use of Copyrighted material.

If you submit material to this site you are responsible for insuring that you comply with any regulatory issues including copyright or any other material rights.

Submissions become the property of DMM, but will not be sold, traded or otherwise given to any third parties, for any reason without the express permission of the owner. (in case you are wondering what that means, the small print is, you own the material, but we can use it where ever and whenever we choose as long as it is only on this site.)

We take no responsibility for material which has been copied or  linked to  from other sites and the result of usage from and by such third party sites. 

DMM is not a commercial website, we do not promote or condone any  behaviour inconsistent with the goals of this website.



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Tue Jan 21 @ 6:00AM - 08:00PM
T.J. Ribs - Baton Rouge
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Santa Fe Cattle Co. - Hammond
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T.J. Ribs - Baton Rouge
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Santa Fe Cattle Co. - Hammond