Everything you ever wanted to know about Dr. Magic

This is the Dr. Magic FAQ, or Frequently asked questions. So if you want to know something about Dr. Magic check here, if you don't find the answere here, let us know and we will ask him..

1 - What's your favorite trick?

Answer: I have many and it depends on the audience, but generally I would have to say that my favorite trick is the "picking the coin out of the air" trick.

2 - How long have you been doing magic?

Answer: Almost 40 years

3 - How many shows do you do a year?

Answer: Around 350

4 - How long do you need to learn a new trick?

Answer: Depends on the trick, anywhere between a week and 6 months.

5 - Do you do Adults only shows?

Answer: Yes

6 - What is the largest audience you have done a show for?

Answer: If you consider my TV show then it is hundreds of thousands, if you refer to my live show then around 2500

7 - Do you prefer doing "close-up magic" or Stage shows?

Answer: I like doing close-up magic as it creates a bond with the audience, the larger arena shows are also nice but there is much less personal interaction


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