Dr. Magic - Mini Biography

Dr. Magic began his life in magic the way many magicians do, as a child he became interested in magic tricks. He got interested at age six and received a magic set on his eighth birthday, he has been doing magic ever since then. 

Dr. Magic started doing magic professionally in junior high school when he did his first paid performances at children's birthday parties and other events. While still a high school student, one of those other events was McDonald's "Breakfast with Santa" where a seventeen year-old Dr. Magic performed a magic show then introduced Santa Claus to kids who had crowded into the hamburger restaurant to see both magic tricks and Santa.

 Dr. Magic also performed magic shows throughout college. After graduating from college with a degree in broadcasting he worked a few non-show business jobs before returning to doing magic full-time. He has been a full-time professional magician for over twenty years. 

His TV show, "The Dr. Magic Show," is in its fourth season. Parts of two seasons of the show can be seen at www.DrMagicShow.com, the official website for that TV series. 

Today Dr. Magic preforms over 400 live magic shows every year in addition to appearing on videos, DVDs and television.  

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