Hardcore Magic Minions know what Dr. Magic likes, but here are somethings he does not like.
Color: Brown. Dr. Magic also doesn't like any shade of brown. Brownmakes him think of dirt.
Food: Beets. As a kid Dr. Magic used to eat pickled red beets and hatedthem, now he doesn't eat beets at all.
Drink: Tea. Dr. Magic can not stand tea, any kind of tea. He says, "Teamakes water taste nasty. It even looks bad, tea looks like rust coloredwater."
Season: Summer. As far as Dr. Magic is concerned, the only good thingabout summer is baseball. Summer is hot, and Dr. Magic doesn't like hot90-100 degree weather.
Sport: Car Racing. Folks going around in circles... boring!>>
Animal: Snakes. Dr. Magic is NOT a fan of snakes.
Arthropod animals: Scorpions. Dr. Magic really, really, really doesn'tlike scorpions.

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