New Internet Only Show For Dr. Magic

Dr. Magic has a new internet-only show called "Moments with Dr. Magic."
Each episode of "Moments with Dr. Magic" features Dr. Magic answering questions about magic that he's been asked by members of the public over the years. In-between questions, Dr. Magic performs magic tricks. The show is taped in a TV studio but is made to play on the Internet, not on television. As an internet-only show, each episode of "Moments with Dr. Magic" is only about ten minutes long and has no commercials or spot breaks.
The type of questions Dr. Magic answers during the "Moments" show are things like: Was Houdini the world's greatest magician? Do magicians hide things in their sleeves when doing magic tricks? What's the number one skill someone needs in magic and in show business?
So far, there have been six episodes of "Moments with Dr. Magic" taped. Episodes of "Moments with Dr. Magic" can be seen here on the Dr. Magic fan site, The show will be put on various internet platforms once all six episodes have been edited and are ready to be viewed by Dr. Magic's fans and the public.
 Unlike Dr. Magic's TV show, "The Dr. Magic Show," "Moments with Dr. Magic" is not a children's program, it is a mainstream show that can be enjoyed by people of any age. Check back here at for more episodes of "Moments with Dr. Magic."